Big Oil Financials – 3 Companies making $271 Million per day

2011, 1st quarter financials are in. Gas is near or over $4.00 per gallon. Royal Dutch Shell reports earnings of $6.9 Billion. That’s about $76 Million per day. How about our old friend Exxon? $10.65 Billion, or $117 Million per day. Read that again. Exxon Mobil is profiting $117 million dollars a day. Finally, how is the beleaguered BP? With the recovery expenses of the oil spill we would expect to see the company in some trouble. The fact is, their profit was $7.124 Billion in the 1st quarter. Poor BP – they’re only earning $78 Million a day. Must be a real drag.

What’s it add up to? These 3 companies alone are raking in over $271 Million a day in profit, and we’re expected to pay $5.00 per gallon of gas by mid-summer.

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