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I previously relayed my first experience with Bubblews as a writing site, which was a short-lived disaster.  While there were a lot of detractors, there were also a lot of writers saying they were making some decent extra money from the site, so I decided to give it another shot.  Created a new account, and over the past year I’ve posted a couple of dozen “bubbles.”  Over that time I’ve spent some time interacting with other bubblers there, which seems to be a necessity in order to make any headway.  I’ve accumulated about $28 there so far, which isn’t a great return on investment in time.  Indeed, residual earnings there seem to be pretty non-existent for most people, earnings come in the first day or two after each article is posted.

The site is fraught with plagiarism.  People not only copy earlier postings in their entirety, but sometimes complete articles posted elsewhere.  Management is aware of the problem and taking steps to deal with it, but some of their recent actions seem counter-intuitive.  One of the changes they’ve made is that they no longer pay 1 cent per view, 1 per comment, and one per “like.”  The new model is apparently now dependent on from where the views come (countries outside the US, the UK, and Canada are worth far less, because advertising revenue pays less for those views).  Details of the current formula have not been released, but Bubblews management is saying that it will probably be tweaked more in the near future.

Currently, there is no way to tell how many “views” a post has received, not even for one’s own posts.  I have an issue with that.  I rely on the number of views an article or post gets to evaluate how successful it is compared to other posts.  Leadership there explains that Bubblews is not a writing site, it is a social network that shares revenue with its users.  My problem is that it is not a good social network when compared to services like Google Plus, which far outshines Bubblews in terms of features.  I don’t see it taking any sizable membership away from facebook or G+, but could attract writers and bloggers who want to use it as a revenue stream, but only if they stop telling people that they aren’t a writing site.

I’ll keep playing with it for the time being, even if I have a suspicion that my time would be better spent writing well-crafted articles on HubPages or elsewhere.

If you’re curious, check out my profile on Bubblews.

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