Star Trek Continues or Phase II Article – Responses from the Producers

I recently wrote an article comparing the top two fan-produced continuations of Star Trek (the original series).  At the outset of my research, I reached out to both production companies asking them for an interview, or at least a comment for the article.  The email was slightly customized for each group, but the essential questions were the same, and they went out originally on October 27th.

In the case of Star Trek: Phase II, it was via a form submission on their web site.  I received an automated response email right away, stating that a real person would eventually respond, but the subject had been automatically changed to “STP2: Web Contact – When will the next episode be released?”

For Star Trek Continues, it was a simple email to the address listed on their ‘contact us’ page.

A few days later, I sent an addendum to both places, by replying to the automatic response I got from ST:PII, and by simply sending a new email to the STC folks and including the original text.  In both cases I added a request asking for permission to use their respective images in the article.

To date, I have not received a response from ST:PII except for that first auto-response.  I haven’t decided for sure, but I think I prefer no response to the one I got from the Star Trek Continues folks.  Here is the exchange in it’s entirety:

My name is Joe Poniatowski, and I occasionally write stories and articles.  Some would call me a “citizen journalist,” but my articles have appeared on both on-line and printed publications, examples on request.

I’m writing an article to compare and contrast “Star Trek Continues” with “Star Trek Phase II” (previously known as “Star Trek New Voyages.”  Incidentally, your show will get the nod, at least in terms of authenticity and production quality.
I’m hoping that you would like to comment for the article.  Preferably even an interview?  The main question of course is, what made you decide to create a new project as opposed to collaborating with the Phase II folks?
Any insights or related commentary would be appreciated.  I can be reached at this email address, or by phone at nnn-nnn-nnnn.
Oh, and one more question: can I use any images from Star Trek Continues in the article?
The response from Star Trek Continues:

We have no interest in being compared to any other production for any reason.

We would not be interested in releasing the use of our images for any article pertaining to this kind of topic.

Thank you,


So, what do you think?  What would you prefer?  No real response, as from Star Trek: Phase II, or a curt ‘we’re not interested at all in supporting your article idea’ from Star Trek Continues?

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One Response to Star Trek Continues or Phase II Article – Responses from the Producers

  1. Nominal Entry says:

    What an insulting thing to do to a bunch of fans just having fun living out their fantasies. I don’t blame either of them — shame on you for trying to pick fights.

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