Thinking about posting on Bubblews? Proceed with caution.

I recently noticed that many of my contemporaries – fellow authors on sites like HubPages – were posting articles on a relatively new site, ‘bubblews.’  I thought I’d give it a try, so I created an account, and proceeded to write an article about Ingress (the Android game).  My first mistake was editing the article directly on the bubblews site rather than editing it off-line and uploading it.  I know better than that.

An hour or so after publication, the article had received several hits, and I’d already accumulated $1.15 in my bubblews ‘bank,’ so I thought things were going very well.  A few hours later however, the links to the article no longer worked.  When I tried to log on to bubblews to see if I could figure out what was wrong, I could not log in.  The password-reset option failed as well.  Other articles loaded fine, it was just mine that seemed to have a problem.

Turns out, bubblews deleted my account, article and all.  Why?  I can only guess, since repeated inquiries to them have been ignored.  My guess is that my account was deleted because my article contained an image representing the Enlightened faction in the Ingress game.  I used that symbol legally according to the ‘fair use’ clauses in U.S. copyright law, but that is the only possible reason for account deletion that I can imagine.

A search on the Internet quickly revealed that this is not an isolated incident.  There are dozens of reports of writers having their accounts deleted from bubblews without warning or explanation (see and Facts About Bubblews  for examples).  Some people admit to knowing why their accounts were deleted, but most – like me – are entirely flabbergasted or can only speculate as to the reasons.  Bubblews evidently pays out when a writer has accumulated $25.00.  In one case, the author had gotten up to $24.00 when his account was deleted, and the money was never paid out.

Many people are reporting success with bubblews.  My advice if you want to try it out, is to proceed with caution.  I had to re-write the Ingress article from memory, since as I mentioned, I didn’t have a local copy.

If you do decide to check out Ingress, look me up, my name there is CruzeControl.

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