HubPages Referals, and News of the Weird.

Earlier I mentioned that among revenue sources available when you publish on HubPages is their referral program.  Too bad I didn’t fully understand how to use it right off the bat, as a family friend read my first Hub and decided to create her own account and publish there.  I missed the boat on having her sign up with my referral code, but OK.  Anyway, she wrote an insightful piece on the trouble with Verizon Phones and Data Plans.   Do me a favor, check it out and leave a nice comment for her.

Another friend, a fellow Yahoo! Contributor Network publishes a weekly article called News of the Weird World.   It is a great series if you like oddball stories from around the globe.  Apparently, partly as a result of the changes Google has made to their search algorithms, Tony isn’t getting the readership he needs to make this endeavor worth the effort.  Check it out.  You’ll probably find the eclectic collection an interesting weekly diversion.

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Growing up the eldest son of a genuine horse trader (my Mom), I’ve accumulated a wealth of stories surrounding horses and horse people. Some are funny (at least in retrospect), and some are touching or poignant. Some of these stories are even true. Well, mostly true. Some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty, and to compensate for my failing memory. I certainly wouldn’t guarantee the historical accuracy of anything I say or write. Oh yeah - I'm also an IT Consultant, and sometimes I write articles about technology, current events, and anything else I take a notion to.
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