On-Line Publications

This is a list of my articles and stories that have been published on-line to date.



Fight Spam with Spamgourmet  How to use a disposable email address to protect your accounts from spammers.
Identity Theft: Your Data and Careless Businesses How businesses which aren’t compliant with security standards increase your risk of Identity Theft.
Foolin’ With Your Kids – Practical jokes and tall tales for parents to use to embarrass their children.
Charity Music – A great community service opportunity!
What’s wrong with Seinfeld’s “Bee Movie?” A light-hearted look at the scientific inaccuracies in the movie.
Tunneling Through Firewalls with Secure Shell An introduction to port forwarding.
Remake Rundown – Some old favorites (or not) making a comeback on TV and at the movies.
Configuration Management: 4 Key Concepts
Choosing a Construction Contractor
What is SSH?


The Mystery Ponies of Ritzfield Oaks
Driving a Beater Car – About a Maverick we affectionately called “the Field Car”.
Poor Old Charlie’s Wake – A Horse Trader’s Son story.
The Great Rodeo Trainers
The Wild Horse Race


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